The words I generated for the Jam were "Devilish" "Crib" and "Claim". As I have been playing the steam release of Rebuild for the last week decided to build something along the same vain.

My biggest mistake cam from trying out a new extension for visual studio which allows you to make pure XAML, HTML5 and C# projects that run as web apps, or android and Iphone apps nativley. Great tool, but lacks a lot of basic functionallity, such as the ability to use the System.Data namespace, which resulted in a very odd method of data storage (lots of labels in this project).

I will continue to work on this game following the end of the Jam, but will likley restart from scratch, as will need to move from storing all data in labels to storing in a SQL table at some point, so may as well do it from the begging.

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